Located in 3rd Parklands Avenue opposite Amani Plaza is a 5-Star Bakery – CakeVille. Their specialties are desserts, cakes, and pastries. It’s Saturday morning, just lying on my bed struggling to wake up and there boom! I saw a CakeVille post on Facebook. The picture was quite catchy and the words on it “Start up you Friday with our milkshakes.” This is how the journey to CakeVille began.

Later on that day, I called my best friend Mitchelle, and we headed out to cake ville to have their intriguing milkshake. The staff is so wonderful, and the customer service can be termed as world class! You feel like you just walked into your home. Anyway, we order our shakes. Mitchelle ordered the caramel milkshake and me the Oreo milkshake. What attracted our attention were the cakes on the display that looked so yummy, and you know that feeling you get in your mouth when something just looks so good.

As cake lovers, we decide to order vanilla caramel and guess what guys? It’s not the ordinary cake that we are used to in the streets. Their cakes are just out of this world, tasty, soft, and sweet and I just do not know how to describe it in words. You should just create some time and treat yourselves their darlings.

So time goes by, and by the time we realize it we are on our fourth slice of cake. Who does it like cake ville? Because here they bake memories! By the time we were leaving we already had marked our calendars to vanilla caramel, chocolate truffle, and vanilla orange. Next time you stop at Cake Ville be sure to have a taste of their cakes.

Meanwhile, check out their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page because these guys are doing amazing things even in the digital world.


The cake is always the answer depending on how you look at it. Proper nutrition must be observed all the time because it is vital in maintaining optimal health. Our bodies need it to function properly, so we need to make sure that the nutrients we get from the food we eat will help us maintain a healthy body and help us sustain a long life.

Cakes can be made using flour and fruits as filling; margarine or butter for that rich and creamy taste; sugar to enhance its sweetness and appeal to kids; a liquid for mixing, eggs as a binder; leavening, for the dough to rise; and frosting, for added aesthetic appeal. By knowing these major ingredients, we can then get an idea of what nutrition a slice of cake has in store for us. Thank Us Later.

Cake can help you slim
Yes! You do have to eat it in the morning though, not your usual afternoon tea slot. It’s all about metabolism early in the day being more active than later.

Cake can help beat depression

Experts agree that baking helps give people struggling with mental illness a focus, structure, and a basic sense of achievement.

Cake has good things in it

Chocolate cake? Chocolate-y antioxidants. Carrot cake? Vitamin-y carrots. Coffee and walnut cake? Omega-3 oil-y walnuts. Sultana Scone? Sultana-y fiber. See what we’re doing here? Some cake ingredient PR. Try it; there’s always something you can spin as ‘a bit healthy.’

Cake has many guises

If you’re still not convinced that a slice of ‘normal’ cake is going to do you much good, you don’t have to opt out of the cake game completely. Just have an oatcake – the ultimate low GI, high fiber snack – or a fishcake – packed with memory-boosting Omega 3 – instead.


Let’s face it; a good chocolate cake does WONDERS for a lot of people, considering the joy it brings with it. As the name suggest its main ingredient is Chocolate, however, other ingredients are fudge, vanilla crème as well as sweeteners to ensure your life is sweetened. If not careful Chocolate cake can be confused for Fudge cake as they share few ingredients. Our main focus will be on Chocolate truffle and where you can get this jubilation bringing cake.

For starters, the cake can be found from our major outlet located at Amani Plaza in Parklands but also can be accessed from our South C branch. Have you heard the latest “Rumors” yet?  Well, Cake Ville might be coming near you soon. In other words, baked memories might be your door, next neighbor, to quench your cake thirst. To stay updated followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, also check our website regularly to be up to date; you never know you long lasting memory must just be courtesy of Cake Ville.

After our previous experience, we were sure to come back for the Chocolate truffle sampling. The set date had finally come, and I know some of you are probably wondering where the pictures of this delightful cake are, well I cannot hide them for long since I want you to visit them and get one baked for you. Trust me they do not disappoint, and that’s why I would rate them Six out of Five stars for their amazingly surprising baking and service.

Like every other cabal, this time round we decided to ask for a tour around the bakery just to get to know their well-hidden secret on how they manage to bake such remarkable cakes. For those who have been there are probably wondering whether we managed to learn a few secrets. Well, you have to wait for out next blog to find out, but we can assure you their cakes are baked from scratch by the best. Anyway, our wish was granted by the Manager, and the doubting Thomas’ like me believed eventually. Mmmh, auspicious! The Chefs ensured that hygiene was of most concern and as many would term it; the number one priority. We had to cover up our hair, dress in aprons and so much more. The first impression into the bakery assured us that indeed the business 100% halal and that health was of more concern than any other thing. What made our adventure even more adventurous was the fact that we got to experience the pastry chef baking the chocolate truffle right from the scratch till it eventually ended up in our mouths.

Let me tell you though; this Chocolate Truffle Cake will satisfy any chocolate lovers craving. The cake itself is dense and moist, just like proper chocolate cake should be, and the frosting, oh that frosting! Pure chocolate heaven! It’s simple, consisting of chocolate, heavy cream, and butter, which is how you make a chocolate truffle, albeit with slightly different proportions. It is dreamy chocolate heaven right there.

The cuisine is along the lines of sophistication. Some interesting flavor combos but nothing highly uncommon or crazy. Their desserts are more modern and minimalistic. Fresh too. At least from the tour, we got to learn a few things about fresh cream, buttercream, fondant but more so CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE! Now you can take a look at the pictures and remember to rate Cake Ville and also recommend it to others. From us here, it’s a goodbye. Let’s converse more in our new blog post coming out soon, you never know; probably we got the well-hidden secret, and we may just ‘share’ it with you.


What come to your mind whenever you hear about cupcakes? Well, a lot of thoughts may be crossing your mind as you read this blog but just for starters, the main purpose for a cupcake is just to serve one. However, here at CakeVille, our main aim is to ensure that each and every person gets their share of this amazingly baked memory that will leave you craving for more. Have you ever thought how cupcakes came to be? Well, its history can be traced to 19th Century and became popular for the baking time they saved and as the name suggests they were baked in cups. It also became popular at the time because it’s weighing out was not complicated and was easy to memorize. Just to give some more insights, the other names are fairy cake and patty cake.

At CakeVille, we note the importance of these cakes, and that is why we make it as delicious as possible. It is the most delicious snack that is in existence. We believe that it can be used to symbolize love as well as bring about joy among partners or a whole family. We believe cupcakes are the cheapest media to make someone feel happy and when we make it we ensure that memories are also baked into it to leave you wanting more; after all one is never enough when it comes to our cupcakes and we have one for everyone.  Our Cup Cakes come in different flavors as well as the decoration; we try to make it our priority in ensuring that the cakes represent the mood of your occasion through our professionally done decorations. The cakes are also baked from scratch by our team of professionally trained pastry chefs who ensure nothing more but quality.

In the next blog, the Cup Cake escapade continues as the team goes behind the scenes to taste different flavors and just to give you a sneak peak from their world class experience as well as why the cake is the most loved snack.  Also, they may reveal the secret they learned from their previous escapade of the chocolate truffle cake. The team will also be able to describe every cupcake they come across and give more secrets on how they are baked including the ingredients considered key when planning to bake one,  but just a reminder, no one bakes it the way we do, and that is why our beloved customers keep coming back for more.

For those reading the blog for the first time, we are located at Amani Plaza, Parklands. You can also reach us through our social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; click on the links below for better experience. Also, do not forget to read our previous blogs on different cakes and how they enlighten the mood. Learn also the amount of work put into them to quench your cake thirst and the very secrets that make us the best when your imaginations are incorporate in our memories. Follow us and share our post to stay tuned to our services as well as updates. As we had said in our previous blog we may be coming near you, and a lot of surprises may be in store for you, you never know when Santa is coming to town early.

Only 10 days Left To The End Of This Irresistible Offer From Cake Ville

In line with celebration of 3 yrs in business, Chain Bakery CakeVille has taken upon this month of September to reward sweet tooth lovers  by slashing half of the price on their cakes in what they term ‘Celebrating Cake.’  The offer ending 30th September 2017 has 1 kg cake selling for ksh 1,450 instead of the usual 2,500 and 2,800.

                                                                            Vanilla Cake


                                                                      Chocolate Cake

Customers get to choose from Mocha Cake, Black forest, Strawberry Cake, White forest, Vanilla Cake and Chocolate Cake. Orders can be done online or physically at their stores at Amani Plaza, 3rd Parklands, Highridge , South C At Vijay’s General Supplies and the recently opened Garden City Mall, First Floor.

                                                                                Strawberry Cake


                                                                                     Mocha Cake

Whilst celebrating, CakeVille still continues in offering a variety sweet treats which include pastries, high teas, desserts, milkshakes as well as function cakes for Baby Showers, Anniversaries, Weddings and many more.

                                                                                White Forest

Happy birthday CakeVille.