Located in 3rd Parklands Avenue opposite Amani Plaza is a 5-Star Bakery – CakeVille. Their specialties are desserts, cakes, and pastries. It’s Saturday morning, just lying on my bed struggling to wake up and there boom! I saw a CakeVille post on Facebook. The picture was quite catchy and the words on it “Start up you Friday with our milkshakes.” This is how the journey to CakeVille began.

Later on that day, I called my best friend Mitchelle, and we headed out to cake ville to have their intriguing milkshake. The staff is so wonderful, and the customer service can be termed as world class! You feel like you just walked into your home. Anyway, we order our shakes. Mitchelle ordered the caramel milkshake and me the Oreo milkshake. What attracted our attention were the cakes on the display that looked so yummy, and you know that feeling you get in your mouth when something just looks so good.

As cake lovers, we decide to order vanilla caramel and guess what guys? It’s not the ordinary cake that we are used to in the streets. Their cakes are just out of this world, tasty, soft, and sweet and I just do not know how to describe it in words. You should just create some time and treat yourselves their darlings.

So time goes by, and by the time we realize it we are on our fourth slice of cake. Who does it like cake ville? Because here they bake memories! By the time we were leaving we already had marked our calendars to vanilla caramel, chocolate truffle, and vanilla orange. Next time you stop at Cake Ville be sure to have a taste of their cakes.

Meanwhile, check out their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page because these guys are doing amazing things even in the digital world.