Let’s face it; a good chocolate cake does WONDERS for a lot of people, considering the joy it brings with it. As the name suggest its main ingredient is Chocolate, however, other ingredients are fudge, vanilla crème as well as sweeteners to ensure your life is sweetened. If not careful Chocolate cake can be confused for Fudge cake as they share few ingredients. Our main focus will be on Chocolate truffle and where you can get this jubilation bringing cake.

For starters, the cake can be found from our major outlet located at Amani Plaza in Parklands but also can be accessed from our South C branch. Have you heard the latest “Rumors” yet?  Well, Cake Ville might be coming near you soon. In other words, baked memories might be your door, next neighbor, to quench your cake thirst. To stay updated followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, also check our website regularly to be up to date; you never know you long lasting memory must just be courtesy of Cake Ville.

After our previous experience, we were sure to come back for the Chocolate truffle sampling. The set date had finally come, and I know some of you are probably wondering where the pictures of this delightful cake are, well I cannot hide them for long since I want you to visit them and get one baked for you. Trust me they do not disappoint, and that’s why I would rate them Six out of Five stars for their amazingly surprising baking and service.

Like every other cabal, this time round we decided to ask for a tour around the bakery just to get to know their well-hidden secret on how they manage to bake such remarkable cakes. For those who have been there are probably wondering whether we managed to learn a few secrets. Well, you have to wait for out next blog to find out, but we can assure you their cakes are baked from scratch by the best. Anyway, our wish was granted by the Manager, and the doubting Thomas’ like me believed eventually. Mmmh, auspicious! The Chefs ensured that hygiene was of most concern and as many would term it; the number one priority. We had to cover up our hair, dress in aprons and so much more. The first impression into the bakery assured us that indeed the business 100% halal and that health was of more concern than any other thing. What made our adventure even more adventurous was the fact that we got to experience the pastry chef baking the chocolate truffle right from the scratch till it eventually ended up in our mouths.

Let me tell you though; this Chocolate Truffle Cake will satisfy any chocolate lovers craving. The cake itself is dense and moist, just like proper chocolate cake should be, and the frosting, oh that frosting! Pure chocolate heaven! It’s simple, consisting of chocolate, heavy cream, and butter, which is how you make a chocolate truffle, albeit with slightly different proportions. It is dreamy chocolate heaven right there.

The cuisine is along the lines of sophistication. Some interesting flavor combos but nothing highly uncommon or crazy. Their desserts are more modern and minimalistic. Fresh too. At least from the tour, we got to learn a few things about fresh cream, buttercream, fondant but more so CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE! Now you can take a look at the pictures and remember to rate Cake Ville and also recommend it to others. From us here, it’s a goodbye. Let’s converse more in our new blog post coming out soon, you never know; probably we got the well-hidden secret, and we may just ‘share’ it with you.