What come to your mind whenever you hear about cupcakes? Well, a lot of thoughts may be crossing your mind as you read this blog but just for starters, the main purpose for a cupcake is just to serve one. However, here at CakeVille, our main aim is to ensure that each and every person gets their share of this amazingly baked memory that will leave you craving for more. Have you ever thought how cupcakes came to be? Well, its history can be traced to 19th Century and became popular for the baking time they saved and as the name suggests they were baked in cups. It also became popular at the time because it’s weighing out was not complicated and was easy to memorize. Just to give some more insights, the other names are fairy cake and patty cake.

At CakeVille, we note the importance of these cakes, and that is why we make it as delicious as possible. It is the most delicious snack that is in existence. We believe that it can be used to symbolize love as well as bring about joy among partners or a whole family. We believe cupcakes are the cheapest media to make someone feel happy and when we make it we ensure that memories are also baked into it to leave you wanting more; after all one is never enough when it comes to our cupcakes and we have one for everyone.  Our Cup Cakes come in different flavors as well as the decoration; we try to make it our priority in ensuring that the cakes represent the mood of your occasion through our professionally done decorations. The cakes are also baked from scratch by our team of professionally trained pastry chefs who ensure nothing more but quality.

In the next blog, the Cup Cake escapade continues as the team goes behind the scenes to taste different flavors and just to give you a sneak peak from their world class experience as well as why the cake is the most loved snack.  Also, they may reveal the secret they learned from their previous escapade of the chocolate truffle cake. The team will also be able to describe every cupcake they come across and give more secrets on how they are baked including the ingredients considered key when planning to bake one,  but just a reminder, no one bakes it the way we do, and that is why our beloved customers keep coming back for more.

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